Tea House Reservations?


I’m planning on hiking to EBC in October. I know that that is super busy season in the area.

Is there any way to pre-book a Tea House stay?


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Hi Alpert,

Sorry for the late response.

As far as I know, you cannot book teahouses in advance on the EBC route as an independent trekker. Local guides can, however, as they have arrangements with the teahouse owners given that they’re often guiding large groups.

The only time I hear of space in teahouses being an issue is at the higher elevations (near Everest Base Camp). You could take your chances or hire a local guide, if that fits your budget.

Personally, I would take the chance a risk it, arriving early and hoping to catch a bed.

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Thanks Alex,
I’m probably going to do as you suggest, which is to just take a risk and trying to arrive early enough to get a bed up top. If I can’t find anything is my only option then to head back?

Also, do you think it is possible to go from Lukla to EBC and back in 11 days? Any suggestions on what my stops would be?

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Hi Alpert,

If the rooms are full they may let you sleep in the common room. If that’s full as well, you’ll probably have to head down to the next town. If you arrive early, you should be fine.

11 days for EBC? – perhaps. Most itineraries take longer, but it all depends on how well your body acclimatizes and you don’t know until you start trekking. Here’s an example of a guide’s itinerary for a 12-day trek:



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if you are looking for a independent guide please contact and price is flexible.

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Dear Alpert Namaste!

It is great to hearing from you that you are interested to do Everest Base Camp trek & please do not worry about booking tea house in advance cause we will manage your hotel during your trek .I am tour operator Agency here in Nepal so lets have write me any time for your more kind information.Yes it is possible to do this trekking in that time.As my experience it is one of the great trekking in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trekking

Hope you understand me & get everything as your request.

If you have a any question on any regards then always feel free to write me any time.

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