Still possible to go trekking in Nepal?

I am trying to still do my trek to EBC on May 31. Do you believe the trek will be possible then, one month from today? I am still trying to put together a group.


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Paul, it’s hard to say.

I talked with a few trekking agencies in Kathmandu and their advice was to wait and see how the situation evolves over the next week(s). Access to supplies like food, water, and lodging are severely limited in the mountains right now, especially in the Everest and Langtang regions.

The Far West or Mid-West regions didn’t experience any affects from the earthquake, so they should be open for trekking. Getting to these regions and getting a commercial flight into Kathmandu, on the other hand, would be difficult in the immediate future.

I know you’re planning your trek for a month from now, so best thing to do now is monitor the situation and decide from there. We should be getting some updates on trekking in the Everest region in the near future.

Good luck!

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I guess you should postpone your trek to October. It is heard that some guest house on the way to EBC has been partially desrtoyed so it takes time to renovate them and make it stayable

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Not possible to do Everest at the moment after the second quake. The best option is to see the progress of the lodges through the monsoon and then decide if the autumn season will be open. Hopefully it will be

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Hi I`m planning to do EBC from Sep 5-20th.

2 Questions
1.will it be bad weather cos of rains
2. After earthquake is the basic infra like tea house etc ready to take trekkers

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if you are looking for trekking guide please contact for more information. thanks

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