Need Advice on Nepal trekking alone from 23aug till 23 sept


Im going to Nepal this month from 23aug till 23 sept.

I have been to Asia before but its my first time to Nepal and going alone aswell.

I have nothing booked besides my flight tickets and I want to try trekking on a low budget if possible.

I have been climbing for quiet a while in Switzerland every year so i have alpine climbing experience.

I would like to find some people to trek with in the Himalayas (without a guide/agent preferrable)

1) When i arrive in Kathmandu, where should i find people to meet and go trekking with ? Or should i go immediately to Pokhara ?

2) It is now in Nepal rain-season so does someone know recommended trips this time of the year?

3) Is there anything that i should plan before i go to Nepal? Should i bring crampons?

Thanks in advance



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Hey i wanne go for ebc trek at beginning of september …in September trekking season starts anyway in nepal so rainy season should be over so far …so see you there maybe…no crampons for ebc trek..cheers

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Hi Thomas ,
Myself is working at Hotel in Thamel as a manager and tour manager.
You don`t have to be worry for your trip to Nepal,I can help you with free information how you can do,Like you can do trekking with guide or you can do by yourself .
I can arrange you guide if needed or can give free information all about trekking.If you are intrested please let me know for more at : or at

Welcome to organizations trekking free information. I am trekking guide in all over the Nepal. Please let try to email/Facebook

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