Mundum Trek / Trail

By fresh, I mean Mundum Trek is a newly established trekking trail in the far-eastern part of Nepal. This trail is a beautiful trekking destination that puts spotlight into the Kirati culture and traditions in Khotang district of Nepal. The Kirat people are an indigenous group in Mundun. During the trek, we will be walking through several villages where we will see the majority of Kirat Rai people. This trekking destination is also enriched with the soul-soothing natural sceneries. Trekking along the off-beaten paths in Mundum Trail is truly a gift. To those who are looking for the less trodden trek routes, Mundum Trekking is one that suits your demands and choices. Mundum Trek is a rural trek where you can see the basic way of lifestyles and inspiring cultural and natural blends.

On this 15 days Mundum trekking, you will be reaching Silchung Peak, 4200 meters. This is the highest point on the trek. We will begin from Diktel Bazar, 1650 meters and will gradually ascend to the Silichung peak. Come trek with us (Halesi Treks) to Mundum Trekking. We (Halesi treks) will organize perfect trekking for you. You have to worry about anything. Let us know when you are free and we will arrange the rest. If you have any queries or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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