Markha valley as tea house-trek


could somebody confirm that it is possible to perform the Markha Valley trek completely as tea-house trek?
I have been reading a lot of times that this is possible but on the other side also the recommendation to bring your own tent.
And what about Nyimaling?
I am planning the trek for end of August/beginning of September.

Thanks in advance for your reply.



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Not necessary to take tent
You will find home stay after every 4 to 6 km .I did it at end of June ,on nimalik was good place for photography ,from nimalik you can also ho for kangyatse peak ,an easy 6000+ to climb

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Thanks a lot, Akshay.

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Yep, I did in June last year also, no problems, would suggest you go from manali to leh to acclimatise,road should be open by mid June at latest. You need a budget of about 1000 rupees a day

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