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Manaslu area is restricted area in Nepal, if any wants to trek in this area you need 3 permits, one is spacial permit, two Annapurna conservation permit, and last one Manaslu conservation permit, for the spacial permit you need to go Nepal immigration office and for two conservation permit you get form Nepal tourism board (ACAP),


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Thanks for the info, Ram.

Can you confirm the prices for these permits? And can trekkers go get a permit directly or do they have to get their permits through a guide?

As you already know manaslu is a restricted area. You’ll be needing three different permits to under-go the trek. It is only permitted to trek in a group minimum of two trekker’s in a group, where A licensed Guide, Travel Insurance and the insurance for the Guide you’ll be hiring is Compulsory.
Having Said That, You can only obtain your permit from Government Registered Companies only.
Costing For your Permits.
1; Special Permit $70 for 7 days + $10 for every extra day you spend in the Restricted area.
2: MCAP : $20
3: ACAP : $20

Thank You.
Sudan Shrestha

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Hi Alex
Namaste and greeting from country of Himalayas!!!
We are locally based tour and trekking company so we are happy to share our knowledge with you.As you know Manaslu is control area so you need to make special permit government lenience holder guide to go there.You need three permit to go there.
3.Special:$90/week and $10/day.
Note:One week is enough for your trekking because control area start from day 6 and end in day 13.
If you need more information visit our website
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Dear all,
This is Manaslu Special Permit Cost.
From September to November US$ 70 per week per person and after 7 days US$ 10 per day per person.

From December to August US$ 50 per week per person and after 7 days US$ 7 per day per person.

Trip Details you can check here: Manaslu Trek

#Ramesh absolutely right the special permit details, MCAP and ACAP $ 40 each person which are mentioned above as well.

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