Makalu Base Camp 2015

For my 6th trip to Nepal, I’m thinking Makalu November 2015.

Second choice, Kanchenjunga.

What’s the best way for me to start a new trip, looking for partners and a Guide. … Though I have one of my former Guides willing to sign on now.


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MBC is tea house doable and has been for a few yrs. You do not need a guide. The trail is straight forward and it would be very hard to get ‘lost’. However it big wide open country with very few if any people btwn daily lodges.
A trek buddy is definitely recommended….also you say Nov….when in Nov is important….the earlier the better as some lodges may close due cold and lack of trekkers by mid Nov….I would start towards mid to late Oct or early Nov at latest. Check blogs on MBC for info.

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Hi BestHike,

The start a new trip and find partners, simply click the ‘Post a Trip” button in the top right. Other travellers will be able to find your trip and join in after that.

If you’re thinking of the Makalu Base Camp Trek, be sure to check out this trip report by Nicolas.

Also, that’s good advice from Roger above. (Thanks Roger!)


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Hi BestHike.
Makalu BC. you can do tea house but you can\t get very good food like Everest, Lagtang and Annapurna region There you will get only DHAL BHAT,Rara noodle, potatoes as well as there you can\t get private room you have to sharing with groups.
landscape is very nice around the KHADBARI if you are during early November very nice rice field.
Enjoy with your trips..
Man kumar

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