Langtang Valley advise to solo trekker

I did my solo trekking to langtang around mid jan this year. I don’t have any experiences on mountain trekking but I dare myself to try it out. But of course you’ll be cheated by agent in ktm. I was told that I will get a tourist bus but end up just with local bus. Leaving early in the morning and reach syabru besi after 9 hours. The trek was easy only few paths which a bit difficult. I don’t have any trekking gear. Just my converse shoes, a jacket and energy bars. And yeah… my beg pack around 5 – 8kgs where I carry most unnessary things. You’ll definately meet trekkers all the way up and down. Be friendly and always to try make friend. My advise is, if I can do it why not you. But of cuz I did walking a lot when I was at my home land. So I don’t mind walking like few hours. But seriously… don’t try it solo if you are the beginner like me. Sometimes U’ll feel like you’ve been watching by someone. Maybe it’s just the feeling. Always be courtesy to yourself. If possible try to merged with other trekkers. Please don’t listen to music or ever use your earphone. Just try to be sensitive with the surrounding. Night time will be very cold. I just borrow blankets from the guesthouse where I stayed. Lastly, good luck and have fun to the beginners. Please say this when u reached at the top. ” yeayyy, I made it”….


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I was arguing myself if it will be everything prepared for March, but I saw it is running again all the staff.

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please if you need any information about Langtang . i was born and rise from there

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what time will i get bus from syabrubesi to kathmandu?

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