Khumbu Region: How difficult it is finding a single room in autumn season?

Hello everyone

I am planning to make the Three Passes Trek starting in the middle of October. Therefore I have reached out to several agencies. Regarding one question the replies differ a lot.

I would like to make this tour alonne, so only a guide and myself. The majority of the agencies are saying, that in villages like Dzongla, Lobuche, Goyko, Gorak Shep and Dingpoche it could be very difficult to find

a) a single room at all and then have to share a room with one up tp six people
b) maybe also sometimes to find a room at all, so that I would have to sleep either in the dining room or would have to go further to another villages

But two agencies are quite optimistic to provide a single room, because of their connections and they would book the rooms prior the trek. Only in Dzongla this couldn’t guaranteed for sure.

1) So I am a little bit irritated now; who is right and what would you say in general and specifically to a) and b)?

2) If I start the trek around the 15th of October it the temperatures are similar compared to April, but the views and weather conditions are more stable at all right?
I researched a lot on different weather platforms. Although the temperatures becoming more and more colder in October, they are very similar (until around first week of November) compared to April.

3) Would you prefer making the 2nd acclimation day in either Dingboche or Chukung? I would prefer Chukung because I would be able making both Chukung Ri and Imja Lake, but of course a good acclimation is the most important aspect for me.

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Namaste Bastian,
I would like to thank so much plan come Nepal choose adventures Three passes trekking.
I have been working trekking Guide since 2007. Now I have own company still Guiding some group.
This is my company .

#single accommodation:

October is best time a year trekking in Nepal, lot of people travelling this month, I think you could get single accommodation all places, Dzongla last few years ago just 2 tea house but now a days have more than 8 tea house no problem, Lobuche have 8 tea house no problem room their Gokiyo and Thangna have lot new tea house no problem. I think lot trekking agency owner they did not trek lat few years they don’t know.
Gorapshe have only 4 tea house they have capacity lot if did not get private room they have dormitory is comfortable or dinning hall all Guide sleep enough space to sleep. Kindly let you know no need worry.
#which company chooses best.
Nepal have lot trekking agency to much competition I hope all trekking agency good, you could check them service and Guide qualification, no need book with me just text me I will help you.">


Weather very clear in October you could enjoy lot, not very cold, even Gorapshe weather not – around 2 or 3 degree, if weather bad, but December and January cold. Other month is fine,

I am so happy you choose three passes trekking this amazing trekking,

Yes better acclimatization day chhukung this best place stay 2 night.

When choose Guide he should have first aid kit(oxi-meter, BP set, thermometer with medical kit) only go this company. Thanks

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I went solo in October, a few years ago but still very busy. I had no problem, even higher up the trail in Gorak Shep. The key is to arrive early…I generally started walking early (around 6:30 am) and arrived ahead of the other trekkers. Even with the large group bookings I was able to get single rooms – only one place was full in Dingboche.

Don’t let the commercial outfits put you off. Solo is no problem. A guide with a telephone could easily call ahead and get it sorted.


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