Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek (GUIDE)

Mt. Kanchenjunga is a highest mountain in the world after the Mt. Everest and Mt. Karakoram. This is a second highest mountain after Mt. Everest among the eight higher than 8000 meters. So every mountains are attractive and peoples are keen ambitious to travel Nepal for its beautiness. that’s why many peoples from the globe are like moths of flame for even every small mountains but some peoples choose to trek into the Kanchenjunga due to accessibility and personal reasons. This trail are trekked by only those people who loves primitive existence, natural, peace environment and wilderness. So this area is natural and primitive because less people has trekked this area due to the long trail, need to well excercised walking and also can be still undiscover trail by every guides, so all the guide has no idea about this region
The Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking trail lasts within 25 days in average although the entry permits validity date has 4 weeks. And it is a restricted/regulated trekking area for the natural and ecological impartiality. You should be in group trekkers at least 2 peoples and a guide is mandatory. All tge things will managed by your guide and looks after your necessity what is your need.
If you are looking best trekking in Nepal and want to trek to Kanchenjunga Base Camp then you should be right time to travel there. August 15 to October is a best season and May to April is perfect time when the Rhododendron will bloom out over the 3500 meters mountains. Where you’ll find 32 types of Rhododendron flowers fascinating your inner-heart-core!

If you are looking a guide or any information then you can contact to me:

Name: Gyan Bahadur Rai
Email: gyanbahadurrai22@gmail.com
Phone: +977 9846880298(Whatsapp)
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/tripadvisor.com.np
Address: Kathmandu Nepal.

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