Kanchenjunga Base Camp in Sikkim, India

Hello All,

We are two persons looking to do the Green Lake trek in Sikkim this November. For the uninitiated, Green Lake, at roughly 5000 meters, is at the base of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world and directly looks at its giant north-eastern face. Only three expeditions have attempted this face till date , among which one reached the summit. Flowing from this face of the mountain is Zemu glacier, one the largest glaciers in the eastern Himalaya. The complex permit system and other local regulations have kept this trekking trail relatively virgin and unknown to most.

We have the contact of a local guide who can organize the logistics for this trek. We are looking for a couple of more trekkers who can share the permit with us. To get an idea, for a group with 4 persons, the total cost of the 12 day trek is about 800 USD (Indian Rupees 56000) per person.

Thanks in anticipation.


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when r u planning ?

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