I hired this guide and he was brilliant! You should hire him too!

I want to share a recommendation for my guide friend Sukram. I’ve hired Suk to be my guide 3 times since 2014 (Annapurna BC, Mardi Himal & Manaslu) simply because he is the best! The reason I had such an incredible experience, each and every time, is ultimately down to Sukram. I feel very lucky that I know him. His website is http://www.nepalmountainguide.net

So many other trekkers I’ve met with Suk along the way have remarked to me afterwards what a great guide I had with me. Better than theirs. It’s because he is immediately warm, caring and funny with everyone he meets. As well as having excellent spoken English.

Suk is experienced and responsible enough to keep you safe, whilst being young enough to be passionate about what he does. He enjoys the experience with you. So honestly, do yourself a favour, stop looking and hire this guy before someone else gets there first.

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