Gulmarg/J&K information

I am considering a trip to Gulmarg for February 2016 and have been to a few websites about the area. , & have been good sources.

My plan is to fly from N America (Canada) to Delhi then take a local flight to Srinagar & eventually make my way to the Village. I realize that snow conditions and weather can be quite extreme (..both with no snow in the Village or too much).

Does anyone have any advice about traveling there, the region or the on hill culture? I have been to the inner Himalaya (more East towards Auli, Himchal Pradesch and Nanda Devi) Rehearsed with bouncing around goat tracks on local ‘buses’, limited accommodation & other umm ‘intricacies’ of Indian travel.

I’m also looking for travel partners considering safety on mountain and touring out of the region from the unload of the Gondola at Gulmarg..


Hello I am Javed Reshi local ski guide in gulmarg Himalaya,so if you have to plan to come gulmarg in winter 2016 feb .i you have not book with yanik and ski Himalaya Peter .so fell free to visit also you can email me don’t hesitate to ask any questions about gulmarg ,backcountry skiing .many thanks
Javed Reshi

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