GHT – Low route

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I found some information about the low route and I felt in love with it so I am planning my trip for early next 2018

I would like to know if there is anyone who has already done this cultural route to know a little bit more about their expericence (recommendations, lodges, costs, technical difficulties).

Innitially I am thinking on doing it by myself, do you know if there is any restriction about that? I wouldn’t mind also to find an adverture fellow!

Many thanks!


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Hi i had in mind to walk the GHT low route too starting sometime in january 2018..
Hope to find informations and eventually trekkers willing to walk it.

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Hi Francesco,
So good to find other trekkers interested in the GHT!
¿Are you thinking on doing it the whole way? ¿from East to West?
I found some very interesting information about the route:
Liza Bezemer guide of Low GHT Very complete and detailed guide.
Appalachian girl With a recent trip of two trekkers jumping from the low to high GHT.
– The official website:
Hope you find it interesting, tons of data to diggest!

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Hello Adventure Travel Lovers and friend, Namaste and welcome to Nepal
My Name is Gam Bahadur Rai I am professional guide specially for Great Himalayan Trail I have done it first time in Autumn 2007 since it become well know as Great Himalayan Trail the name also considered as Trans Himalayan Trek as well as Nobel Trek I am planing fix departure trip from f/y 2018 we will see it will be much more intresting if you join me
if you have any quiry, please feel free to write me via e-mail: Thank you !

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Hi Joseba .. when are you thinking about going to Nepal for GHT?

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