First time backpacker

Hey everyone

I would like to do my first backpacker trip around Nepal and Bhutan for 2 weeks also will be nice if anyone know where I can get yoga or meditation area.

I’m planning my trip probably around end of April or first week on Mai 2015.

Any tips or information I should know before I start the trip?

Thx a lot guys


Travel Partner

Hi @whulandary,

You’ll find lots of places to do yoga in and around Kathmandu and Pokhara. There are classes you can drop-in on or weekend retreats that include room and board. A good place to start (and direct your questions) would be Pranamaya Yoga in Kathmandu, run by a woman named Sam.

Other than that, I’d be glad to offer more specific tips if you have any more questions. Two weeks isn’t much time, so don’t try to see too many places. Are you planning to fit Nepal and Bhutan into two week, or one or the other?

April/May will be a good time to visit before the monsoon starts.


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