Excluding EBC, which trek/climb do you recommend the most for 10 days of time?

I have an 11 days of vacation in April/March and so I was hoping to trek somewhere in Asia (since Georgia is sadly off-season now). My main points to be taken into consideration when providing suitable options:

1. I am trekking solo (unless I find trekking partner(s) which is really welcomed)
2. I am really interested in high altitude and snow trekking, and possibly an easy/moderate mountain to summit since I am not much experienced in climbing but one has to start from somewhere I guess.
3. I am excluding EBC now since I am saving it for a longer vacation (hopefully sooner than later!)

Thanks for the answers!


Travel Partner

we can manage within ten day to visit Annapurna circuits. but may be feel hurdle. i will call my expert guide who are well experienced. if alone you conduct again welcome. here is various destination are available with snow trek. Half Annapurna circuits or mini annapurna circuits i can prefer you.
with best regard
Dilli Niroula

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i can refer Milke-jaljale-Tinjure rhododendron trek climb is really beautiful a kinds of haven

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