EBC Trek Solo

Is it possible and possible more cost effective to do the trek to base camp without a guide or group? My friend and I are trying to do it in June next year and are trying to figure out the best way to do it.


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Hey William definetly it’s possible. I am am planning to do it this February. Infact I am planning to trek all the way to Lukla from Jiri , instead of catching a flight from KTM to Lukla . I am doing my research and mostly would be leaving in feb and maybe once I am back , which is mostly likely by the end of March. I’ll be able to let you know more. But if you guys are planning anytime between feb and March then let me know. Cheers !!

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Hi guys,

I’m planning solo trek in April.
Somewhere I was reading that TIMS for FIT will be prohibited. Do you know something about it? I didn’t find official statement, just discussion between government and Taan. I would like to share this trip with someone, but if I wouldn’t find anyone so I want to go alone. Please let me know if I can go alone without guide. I have planning during journey join with someone maybe. Thank you, kutnalucia@gmail.com

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