Hi Everyone,
I am planning for the Everest Base Camp Trek. I am planning for this trek starting on 1st August from Kathmandu. I have couple of questions which i have tried to find answer for on the internet, but still not very sure. I will appreciate if anyone can help me with these questions :
1. What all Trek related stuff i should buy in Kathmandu and not from India. What all things i can get cheaper in Kathmandu as compared to India (New Delhi)?
2. Can anyone share the details about what all Permits i should get and from where for the Everest Base Camp Trek?
3. How should i plan for the tickets and flight from Kathmandu to Lukla ?
4. Should I get a Guide or sherpa to carry the luggage? I am planning to carry only some regular stuff i.e. some clothes, water & eatables for the trek.
5. My Fitness level is average and i can walk upto 5-6 hours a day. How many days should i plan for this trek including the Kala Pathar ? As of now i am planning for 14 days.

I will appreciate all the help and guidance here. Thanks in advance.
Ciao !!


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