Ebc partners april 14 days

i guys!!
I’m planning an EBC trekking for April 8th or 9th, during 14 days. I’d like 1 or 2 people to share the trekk or considerer a porter . I’m from Chile I have experience on altitude trekking at los Andes (5.500 mts) and expeditions (15 days)
Thanks in advance!


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Hi Solange!

I am Ram Barakoti, From Nepal, Sherpa Expedition & Trekking companies owner even trekking and Expedition Guide. we had 40 years a long time experience in the tourism sector in our company. This is the best seller and like a plate farm. We have many options, open this link;- https://sherpaexpeditiontrekking.com/everest-base-camp-service-trek here if your interest I would like to pick up from the airport and we give you the best service. You will open our side and email for us, your budget our service, 14days your trip we give you the same price and the same services. Thank You!

If you would like to talk to an expert to discuss any aspects of climbing and other queries, please meet or talk to our experts Sherpa Exp team. We can be reached by:
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Namaste! Many thanks your your message, I review your web page and you are offer the same trekking on 12 days at US$799 without meals during the trip. I have experiencia on trek, but i dont woant to lost the opportunity to connect with your culture and walking so faster and dont enjoy of all. If is posible on 12 days enjoy of all? I review your itinerary and mentioned that it is.
If is posible change some points? I just reserve my first day in BB hostel in Katmandú with pick up service from the airport. I only need accomodation to the returning day. Whats is the variation´s cost? By the other hand, How is much is approx per day on meals during the trekk? ( we need to carry dolars or nepal bills?
Thanks in advance!!

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Hello Solange Namaste!
we/I really appreciate and glad to receive your message, Of course, what’s client deserves the best, we(Sherpa companies) helping and following the intention. This was our companies rule and regulation. If you possible please send us direct mail sherpaetrek@gmail.com or info@sherpaexpeditiontrekking.com. and we mail you more details. You say- Hello on mail, then we reply you. Thank you!

Best regard
Sherpa Expedition and Trekking (P) Ltd
Guide Ram

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EBC Trek in April

12 days of the trek in Everest trail is sufficient to see the entire major place en route to Everest base camp. You can physically make it as you mentioned your past trek up to 5500 meters and also this trek is followed by 2 days of acclimatization at 3450 meters and 4600 meters. And instated of carrying dollars in mountains, get exchanged to nepali rupees which are widely practiced all over Nepal. A guide cum porter will be very helpful to carry your bag pack and also to communicate during the trek. Please check your inbox for other details.

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Hey Solange.. I fly into KTM on April 8th.. Id like to have a day or two to get last minute things then I will be doing the EBC solo… Perhaps we can meet up at some point?

Hi Matthew, probably we can meet on Lukla or KTM. I found a backpacker B&B very nice. I going to send to you that tip in a private message.

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