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Hi all,

Im going to be starting my Asia travels start of October and really keen to trek EBC in or around October. Im a complete novice and would really appreciate information around budget, equipment, toughness and other information.

Im on a tight budget so i would like to do this independently, how much would it cost? in reagrds to licences, food, travel from airport. What Equipment will i need, I have read a lot around this equipment i would need but would also appreciate more information. I consider myself of good physical health, however is there a particular set of skills i would need to train for? Whats the best way to prepare for the climate.

If anyone is planning to trek around the same time please do get in-touch.


Hi Kosh,
It sounds like you have a lot to organize. It is possible to do the EBC trek without a guide although my local tourism contacts inform me that there are steps in place to change the permit system and local laws to make it nescessary to take a guide on this trek. My advice is this – while it is currently possible it is not advisable as this is a fairly difficult trek physically and the altitude means you are at high risk of having problems. A guide would be able to ensure you are safe at all times. If you want to go without a guide then check before your departure to see if the rules have changed to be on the safe side.
The permit costs for Everest region are about 35USD and the flight ticket to Lukla is around 160USD. The price for food and accommodation gets higher as you go further up the mountain but if you are on a strict budget then around 20-30USD per day should cover your food and accommodation costs adequately. Also count on paying to use wifi, get hot water etc while you are trekking.
You can buy trekking gear cheaply in Themel before you leave or to rent equipment as well. It is a good idea to have a local contact (I can help if you need help) who knows the local prices and quality and can help you get the best deals on trekking gear.
Taxi’s are available from the airport to your hotel, the cost for fixed price taxi is around 6USD.
While the EBC route is a high traffic one and the paths are quite good in most places you will need a fairly high amount of mental and physical fortitude, trekking at high altitude can be difficult and exhausting, you may also consider hiring a porter (you can share the cost with travel companions) as this will take a lot of load off. My experience is that 10kg at altitude feels like 30kg at sea level. If you can carry a 30kg pack easily and walk up a hill for 1km then you will have no problem. If not then consider it.
I am based in Kathmandu and may be away on other treks at that time but if you need some help or advice arranging things then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Hi Kosh,
1. Budget: As mentioned by Andrea, you would need a Sagarmatha entry permit, 30$ and TIMS card from KTM. TIMS would cost you 20$ (for FIT, Green Card, assuming you are trekking individually). I never had any problems trekking independently in that region, not sure if rules have changed since few months back.
Apart from these two permits, you should account for around 10-15$ for cab from KTM airport, and 160$ for the air tickets to Lukla.
You would have to add expenses for buying and renting gear, food, rent for accommodation (if you are not very particular on accommodation quality, many places would waive off your staying charges if you have your food there).

2. Equipment: From your trail head to EBC, the weather would change and you would have to carry low-altitude/warm as well as high-altitude/cold clothing. Around October, it should not be as cold as in peak winters, so you would not need heavy winter clothes. Your favorite trekking shirt+pants should be good till Namche, IMO.
From there on, you might eventually need thermals under your clothes, jacket, headgear (something that covers your ears, cold winds during that time can be a pain) and gloves. Some rain protection, just in case. Attire can be brought at Thamel according to how you feel once in KTM.
For the actual trek, you would definitively need a (preferably two) shock absorbing hiking poles, 35-40L backpack+cheapo rain cover (possibility of last rains in October), trekking boots (don’t get anything that does not have ankle support) + the usual trekking stuff like map, water, etc.

3. Toughness: You might have heard that EBC trek is probably one of the easiest BC treks, but that is when you are talking about trekking in the Himalayas. Overall, the trek can be quite strenuous. You would be walking 120 odd kilometers over 15 days, ascending 4000m from KTM, and getting back down, temperatures can be around 32 in KTM afternoons to -2 in BC. That being said, on a tight budget & trekking independently, you do not need a guide or a porter for this trek. I am assuming you would be fine with carrying your stuff which would be around 25-30KGs.
Many times you can find a porter from en route places, but don’t count on it. The trail is quite clear. Proper mapbook and cellphone GPS (with offline maps) works perfect for me.
My training is jog+walk 15KM every morning with 20KG backpack on slight uphill. If you are comfortable doing something similar to this at least 3 months before your trek, you are definitely in good shape. As for climate/temperature/altitude, no real way of preparing for it. You have to gradually adapt to it on your trek. No concerns if you do not rush your trek. Take as much time as possible, there are tons of things to do and see on this trek.
Best of luck!

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Dear Kosh!
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