Combining MCT ACT and/or maybe Upper Mustang?

I’m very new to trekking in Nepal. I know it should be possible to combine MCT and ACT, but is it possible to combine ACT and Upper Mustang treks, or maybe even all three?

I would like to start either on MCT to ACT or ACT to UMT if it was possible.

Wanting to start before end of March, preferably in a week or two so in a bit hurry to find someone to join or finding a guide.

Trying to be frugal and minimalistic with gear (40l), so tea house trekking I guess.


Travel Partner

Hi Muikkunen, Hello and Namaste from Nepal My name is Gam Bahadur Rai and I am a guide for many years specially for trekking and mountaineering in Nepal your plan is very interesting and good idea to complete the trek 3 part in one trip
start all the way from Manaslu region- Mananag Valley in Annapurna Region and finally upper Mustang and back to pokhara by road or air.
this can be done in (3-4 weeks) it’s depends on your time frame we calculate the itinerary accordingly
if you need any help please feel free to write me on my e-mail address bellow:

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