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Hey guys,

I am arriving in KTM on Feb 05 and my plan is to hike the Annapurna Circuit.
Can somebody please tell me if the lodges are still open?
I’ve heard some voices saying that higher-elevated lodges are closing in mid-winter.
Thanks for your reply.

By the way, if some like-minded adventurers want to pair up, feel free to send me a message.

Cheers Michael


Travel Partner

Namaste its me Dil gurung adventure trekking guide specially for Annapurna circuit.please feel free to my inbox, i am available in that time, i wish- you will have good time INTO THE THIN AIR with your best travel partner for Annapurna circuit.
“lets do adventure around snow cap hill”

Travel Partner

Dear Cheers Michael
Sure one lodge is open.I have been many times there in off season times.But only one lodge.The reason is less tourist at that time.
If you have more questions contact at

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