8-10 Days, what trek can I fit in?

Hello! I have an extra 8-10 days at the end of my trip. So I am wondering what trek can I fit into one week? Is there something I can check out from Kathmandu for about a week?

I’m doing EBC at the beginning of May, then hoping to rent motorcycle & check out Katmandu Valley, then to check out Pokhara area (paragliding). Probably just the regular route most people do, haha.

Then I have 10 days leftover at the end, but have to be in Kathmandu on the 10th day. What trek can I fit in? My friends say I must do AC but I know I don’t have enough time.

What’s a good little trek to see some great scenery in about one week?
Thanks a lot!


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Hey! For future trekkers, these are some treks to be done in a short period of time, according to answers I’ve received from other trekkers:

– The Shortened Helambu Loop
– Langtang Valley
– Helambu Circuit
– Anapurna Base Camp

Now how will I ever choose?! I have some research to do 😀

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Hi TigerCub,

Sorry for not replying until now – Hope you’re looking forward to your trip. Those four treks you found out about all sound reasonable for 8-10 days. Keep in mind transport to Pokhara, though, if you plan to do Annapurna Base Camp. Langtang is a popular route and only one valley over from Kathamndu, although it might seem less exciting as you’ll just be getting back from the Everest Region.

Other than trekking, there are a number of shorter day-trip activities you can do, like rafting, jungle safari, mountain biking and paragliding.

Definitely rent a motorcycle if you can. I wrote a short article about renting in Kathmandu. It was one of my favorite things to do and a great way to go around and see the other parts of Kathmandu Valley.

Guess you still have some time to figure it out 🙂


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