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Wild Earth Journeys – pilgrimages to wild and sacred places of the earth. Where story, myth, culture, adventure and spirit come together. We love horses, we love to walk in the mountains, we love medicinal plants and traditional medicine, spirit traditions, stories, and we love healing and working with local communities engaging in dialogue between discovery, science and healing. We love the questions, and we love the journey, knowing that without exploring the furthest reaches of the last great wild places on this earth and in the elements, we can never know for ourselves. Come explore with us and tap on thirty years exploring Asia from the heart–foolishly. Come with us and meet extraordinary and ordinary people who could change your mind. Let us help you plan your pilgrimage or journey if you are ready to leave the familiar trail for the unexpected–if you are ready to explore more than just the surface.

Award-winning photographer Thomas L. Kelly, wife anthropologist and herbalist Carroll Dunham, and their boys Liam 16 and Galen 12 have called the Himalayas home for over twenty-five years. They have produced award-winning films on the Himalayas for BBC, PBS, ITV, Channel 4, National Geographic and CBC. They love nothing more than drinking deep with kindred spirits the spacious inner winds of meditation and Buddhist ritual. For those interested in joining them in Mongolia at Lapis Sky Camp combined with riding fast horses in vast spaces of wilderness with the wind on their cheeks.