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About TMG
We are excited to introduce you because we are always more than what you have always wanted when you want to travel in these countries Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. In one word, we are your travel companion in these countries from your arrival time till your departure time, and whatever things you need between these times which are also not related to travel, which we love to provide information on them above and beyond. Please send us questions, we will provide answers till you are completely satisfied because we do not look upon you always as our client as a thing of business, but also as somebody who has his or her personal needs in the remotest regions of Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. First, we care for you, second, we care about your travel needs, and third, we love inquiries.

Every company like us talks about the excellent service, and you start believing you will have A1 service in the mountainous region of Nepal or in the remotest region of Nepal, but you know the truth how much excellent service you can have in such a region. Nepal is a third world country and so are Tibet, Bhutan, and India. Travel Max Guide (TMG) does not make the promise of such a service, but of course it makes the promise of service that will make you comfortable in terms of accommodation, food quality, equipment, experience, guide service, porter service, emergency service, medical service, communication service, and first-aid, last but not least personal attention. Value for money is another thing that you need, and TMG provides you Value for Money Trip, so after having the service from TMG, all you can is remember a fine service of TMG whenever you want to travel in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India, whenever your friends want to travel, whenever your family wants to travel.

We don’t mind having a lot of questions from you whether it is on trekking, peak climbing, tours, adventures, safaris, photography tour, biking, or any tourism activities because this is what we love to do because this is what we love to answer because this is what we know very well because this is what will create a way for you to enter Nepal. Bhutan, Tibet, and India because this is what that will help you make a good travel decision, not a good decision, but the best decision. We love to say this confidently because we who set up TRAVEL MAX GUIDE, have years of experience of working in these countries and know what you want, and we also know the unforeseen events, and we also know how to tackle them because our experience has taught us lessons, after you have solutions from us, please tell us what we should do to meet your particular requirement because you are one of our global clients who is different from another client in terms of language, culture, traditions as well as the one who have own special travel needs. Whatever question you have on your mind, send it to TMG because TMG is a team of passionate person in tourism, We love to wave it in a remarkable way, whether it is organizing your trip, assigning a guide, fixing accommodation, managing transportation or answering your personal questions or expecting the best travel condition in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India.

If you love to do an adventurous trip, then we have the one, and we go above and beyond for this trip through our passionate, experienced, and dedicated members. If you want to do volunteer service, if you want to do a filming or photographing, if you want to do a customized trip, trust us by closing your eyes because we guarantee a 100% result on all of these.

To give you proof on our objectives, we, TMG, a registered and licensed travel company under the Government of Nepal, and our sister organization’s name is FAN ( First Act Nepal). If TMG is your dream travel company, then FAN is an organization that builds Human Resources through kindness and by bringing the global people to one place. Whether you are with TMG or FAN, you are always one step ahead whatever you want to do from your heart and mind in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India.