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This is Ajay Kumar Shrestha, a mountain guide, group leader, passionate traveler, adventure seeker, MBA graduate and a permanent resident of Pokhara, Nepal.

Having spent more than two-thirds of my life in Nepal, I’ve walked, cycled, hiked and traveled in almost every district in Nepal from the far west to the easternmost parts. I consider myself lucky enough to have been able to travel and explore some of the countries in Asia and multiple times and multiple countries in Europe.

Adventurous living has always been the holy grail of my life. Swotah is the result of my love for the adventurous living and my journey of self-exploration. It is a story of turning love and a passion for a piece of work.

I strongly believe that a journey into the Himalayas is a journey into oneself. It was in one of those uncountable journeys in those majestic mountains where I took a deep dive into myself, which ultimately, helped me find a better version of myself. It was one of the greatest realizations of my life. The journey to the innermost self became possible on the lap of those grand Himalayas. The journey still goes on.