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Annapurna Base Camp Trek Ashta Lama Ashta Lama $1565


Ashta Lama Tamang (0 reviews) $38 Agency


Our agency is specialized for treks and all kinds of sightseeing with familiy and people, who want to enjoy a holiday and see a lot more from this country. If you travel with your family, you can be sure, to be welcomed even warmer. It is the friendliness of the people here, which will make your trip complete. This may be one of the main factors to travel to asia for a family holiday. We will make sure to organise your stay in a way, that you get the most out of the country and culture. 9 years experience traveling with kids here in nepal, india and tibet have showed, it is the perfect destination for a wonderful trek, combined with cultural/handicraft sightseeing and a lot more. For certain destinations we offer horses for the kids, or they will simply be carried.

We will provide you always a local guide, which will help you to explore and explain the country and culture. And be assured, there is a lot to explore and see! Whilst the local peoples natural friendliness here will undoubtedly impress you and in addition you get all these fascinating, almost magical landscapes.