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Established in May 2006 Swiss Family Treks & Expedition GmbH based in Switzerland, in partnership with Swiss Himalayan Family Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd based in Kathmandu started with a simple sentiment in mind, to have their actions do the talking and work ethically every step of the way.

With a goal to bring in travelers from all over for a bit of carefree and sometimes exhilarating fun, the company runs on the basis of creating joy and working ethically. Some of our ethical practices are reflected in how we treat our staff, providing them with care, training, and insurance. As for the environment, our efforts include using Eco-friendly products, producing minimal waste in our travels along with being accountable for others actions with the crew bringing back garbage when they are on site.

A company that takes responsibility for its travelers, staff, and environment we have garnered trust and affections from many. Always ready for any adventure, Swiss Himalayan Family Treks & Expeditions have carried out some monumental experiences, catering to well over 500 families in their travel experience. Our inclusive ways in doing business entail not alienating any age groups for the travel experience, which is why our expertise lies in bringing in suitable guides that are specially trained in handling families with children, because everyone deserves to have fun. That being said, alongside with having family-friendly service the company also provides quality service to adult groups and individual trekkers as they tackle some of the monumental peaks. Not hasty in the way we carry out business, you can be assured that we have all that you need as you travel; all our guides are born and raised in the areas they take you, giving you an authentic and knowledgeable service. Additionally, they are trained in first aid and always armed with any necessities you may require in your exploration.

With an aim to be a leading provider of the different tourist activities in Nepal, our actions are constantly gearing towards this, we understand that to be providing you not only provide the best of services but also need to take responsibility for the entire industry of tourism, which we do by working ethically every step of the way whilst providing 100 percent unique quality service to our clients.