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Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours is a Sherpa owned company that organizes professional, Himalayan treks and mountain activities. Our qualified guides have a wealth of experience in high altitude trekking and mountaineering with each guide holding a nationally recognized “Trekking Guide License”. Our guides are also fluent in English and we also have French and German speakers in our team.

Sherpa people are well known for their experience and competence in the high mountains and for the contributions they have made to thousands of high profile expeditions in the Himalaya. Soul Himalaya Treks & Tours have emerged to give you the opportunity to arrange your tours directly with the experts.

Our company helps individuals, families, school or college groups plan their custom treks or select from our tailor-made tours. Our experience and competence ensure that safety comes first in all situations. We treat our trekkers as our dear guests, and with the best-qualified guides and services, we ensure that everyone gets back home safe and sound with stories to tell about their most fantastic mountain experiences.

Why we are here ?

We have a team of highly experienced staff, all having extensive knowledge of trekking tourism. The minimum years of experience of any of our guides in our company is no less than 12 years and we are fluent in English with French and German speakers. We take pride in treating our customers as our guests – you will feel that you have been invited into our Sherpa family.

We are fully registered and certified by the Government of Nepal and provide a wide range of tours and trekking opportunities in Nepal and Tibet. We are also currently working to extend our services to other neighboring countries too such as India, Bhutan.

Our services are not only limited to Trekking or Mountaineering, but we can provide many other recreational activities that can be enjoyed in Nepal, such as rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, animal safari and many more. You can travel to places, where you would have never thought possible and experience the traditional and modern cultural life of Nepal.

One of Soul Himalaya’s founding policies is to give back a percentage our any profits to the local community. We therefore donate 15% of the profits earned to socio-economic objectives by supporting local schools and charities in rural areas. So, when you are enjoying your trip and having a wonderful time you are also providing a valuable contribution to local communities.