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Snowyoda is a new age travel experiences provider. We define ourselves as a true Yoda of the Himalayas stretching from India to Nepal and are always looking to provide pristine, priceless and soulful travel experiences to the modern traveler. Our aim is to generate “Life altering experiences and memories” which the traveler can cherish throughout his or her life.
A Team of Experts:
We believe that no matter how great a place is, only an experienced travel expert can help you discover its unique and amazing qualities. At Snowyoda we have a team constantly working with great passion and drive not only to show you the best of the Himalayas but to allow you to feel it with all your senses.
We only feature hotels and lodges that we have stayed in and we believe to be the best in their area, always looking for value, character, and good service. In some of the secluded and undeveloped regions, the obvious trappings of comfort may not be immediately apparent, but something special is everywhere: a unique style, a remarkable setting, wholesome comforts, and a dedication to protect their natural setting and to please every guest.

Our Trips

Our trips are carefully designed with the primary aim of combining cultural and natural riches with comfort, safety, luxury and adventure. We are heavily influenced by our core components; discovery, value, pace, and choice.

Why Snowyoda?

• Authentic Travel Experiences
With Snowyoda, you will not only visit the Himalayas but really discover the authentic culture, natural beauty and hidden treasures.

• Inspiring Range and Choice
We constantly re-create our innovative programmes, endeavoring to appeal to even the most varied of tastes, to inspire you and to ensure your traveling experience with us stays with you for your whole life.

• Peace of Mind
We strive to provide stress-free customer experiences. Our tour leaders and guides are passionate about travel and pride themselves on their professionalism, knowledge and caring nature, which allows our customers to just relax and enjoy their traveling experience.