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Administered by the team of local trekking professional, Nepal Pyramids is a locally established Trekking Company based in central Kathmandu. Worrying is out of question we are here to craft your dream into reality with exceptional service, competitive price and at the most reliability. Promising you an extraordinary trip amid remarkable dwellings, witnessing beyond belief surroundings with Shangri-La like setting and time honored history.

After working with the renowned company for ages, 3 of us (best friends) got together and took up a challenge to be self-employed and make a difference in Nepal adventure world. How we came up with the name “Nepal Pyramids”: – when a thought of opening up our own company originated we came up with abundant names. Each partner had at least of 10 different names but however, most of these names directly or indirectly coincided with one or the other names that exists in sphere of Nepal Travel Agency. Providentially, while meeting up with partners in a cafe the background song ‘Pyramid’ from Charice literally triggered the perception of Nepal Pyramids — with PYRAMIDS signifying all the soaring vibrant hills and majestic snow-clad peaks that we have in our country, Nepal.