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We are one of the leading travel and trek organizations in Kathmandu, catering to the needs of adventure seekers from around the globe. We provide a whole variety of adventure packages including trekking, tours, expeditions and many more, all across Nepal and in addition, we take you beyond Nepal to Tibet, Bhutan and Mansarovar.

We aim at providing you with the extraordinary and lifetime experience through the trek around the Himalayan trails, the wild and less trodden paths and through the jungles of plains. As Nepal is rich in natural beauty and is famous around the world, your travel around the majestic trails is sure to provide you with the thrill you are seeking. Along with enjoying the natural beauty, you will get to experience the unique Nepalese culture and lifestyle and enjoy the authentic Nepali delicacies. You will also get to visit most of the world heritage sites. We take you from city to hills and hills to mountains and also to the plains. The diverse and different taste of experience will make you to visit these places again in the future.

With us, you get to explore the beauty of Nepal and take with the most exquisite bundle of knowledge as well.

We have highly qualified, Knowledgeable and registered team of tour and trek guides who have been working in this field since long. We also provide customized trekking packages to match with your needs. In addition, we also manage private family trips if you are seeking one.

We believe in customer satisfaction and try our best to deliver the quality service within the budget. Your valuable suggestions, comments and feedback will be highly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at any time.