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It has been more than 50 years since Colonel Jimmy Roberts founded Mountain Travel Nepal, the first commercial trekking company in Asia.Indeed, he coined the very word “trekking” as the expression for this novel kind of holiday experience when he registered his company with the Nepali Government in 1964.

Mountain Travel Nepal created the very guiding principles and standards of ‘adventure tourism’, an industry that is evolving worldwide. Today, Mountain Travel Nepal is part of the Tiger Tops Group of Companies, which includes the famous Tiger Tops Safari Lodges, the travel agency Adventure Travel, and of course Mountain Travel Nepal.

Mountain Travel Nepal offers high-end trekking experiences in Nepal. We strive to show you the beauty of Nepal in the most comfortable and unique way possible.Mountain Travel Nepal has proved this to be the case throughout its 55 years of service. Though started by a foreigner, Col. Jimmy Roberts, the company was built and run almost exclusively by the local people, many of whom went on to start their own trekking companies later on. With a passion for the mountains and a deep adoration and respect for the Nepali people, Col. Roberts built a legendary company, and his name is still well-known and highly respected among the people of the high Himalayas in Nepal.
Mountain Travel Nepal to this day still aims to bring responsible tourism to remote areas where economic development is most needed.