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We can only tell you what we know about ourselves. What we hope is that you take it upon yourself to get to know us and to see how we operate. Then you could tell us something about us that we are yet to find out! For now, this is a little something…

Mission Outdoors is India’s first and only FUND-RAISING CHARITY CHALLENGE OPERATOR! We organise various challenges, all for a cause!

If you need a platform to challenge yourself and to do the unthinkable, we salute that and extend our hand to pull and push you. Empowering you is our aim, so is making you aware of your physical, mental, and spiritual limits, and how to break those limits. Let skeptics roll their eyes when you talk of influencing the world in your style. They don’t get it, we do. We will help you ignite that passion!

Let us guide you towards discovering yourself all over again, while you also support a cause dear to you.

A journey with like-minded folks or with family and friends, a gruelling activity or a weekend hike, an on-the-go back-packer style or the laid-back Sahib style, we offer some-thing…actually…everything for everyone! Even the corporate world can indulge themselves in corporate challenges!

Our team is a pretty dynamic one. Runners, mountaineers, trekkers, writers, athletes, guitarists, record-holders…..need we say more? We like paying attention to detail, and we do pull all-nighters sometimes (not because we can’t get the work done in time, but because we like getting an early start on the next day’s work)! Hard-work doesn’t make us cringe, and we don’t believe in procrastinating. Trust binds our team together, and similarly, keeping a client’s trust is important to us.

You will find our details under Contact us. Get in touch with us about taking your thoughts further!