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Departed Route Guide Duration
Everest and Rolwaling Badri Kumar Dangi Badri Kumar Dangi $2350
Kanchenjunga Badri Kumar Dangi Badri Kumar Dangi $3500
Upper Mustang Trek Kul Bahadur K.C Kul Bahadur K.C $3150
Langtang Valley Trek Tek Bahadur Gurung Tek Bahadur Gurung $1395


Tek Bahadur Gurung Makalu Region (0 reviews) Agency
Kul Bahadur K.C. Kathmandu (0 reviews) Agency
Badri Kumar Dangi Kathmandu (0 reviews) $40 Agency


About 60 Years ago, an inspiring Sherpa from Namche Bazaar was seen among the group of Sherpa who were recruited for the expeditions and trekking. This was just the beginning of the adventure tourism in Nepal. With the ability to ascend the high altitudes and support the climbing crew, Pasang Phutar Sherpa was among the many Sherpa from the khumbu region to be part of this amazing period of adventure travel.

In the fall of 1952, he was with the Swiss expedition team under the leadership of Dr. G. Chevalley, and then instantly was recruited later in 1953 British Mount Everest Expedition, under the leadership of John Hunt. In the year of 1950, he was also honored with the Tiger Batch award by the Warwik British Regiment for his bravery.

Pasang Phutar also joined the team of the Yeti Expedition led by Norman Dyhrenfurth in the 60’s. He was the first liaison officer to be appointed by the government of Nepal in the 50’s for the Iida Langtang Himal Expedition, Japan.

Then, the LEGACY was passed on to Mingma Dorji Sherpa his son in the 80’s. The adventure travel in Nepal slowly picked up in the later years.

Since 1984, the industry, partner and customer satisfaction that Last Frontiers Trekking has won are testimony to our excellent reputation and unbeatable experience in the region. Over the years, Last Frontiers Trekking has pioneered new destinations and experiences and continues to do so today. We consistently push the boundaries by creating unique and authentic travel options and innovative itineraries.

Last Frontiers Trekking is grateful towards its supporters, our well wishers, partners and agents around the world. With our passion and interest to provide great hospitality and travel service, we have been successful to leap towards the year of 2000. The amazing ideas for travel, the innovating itineraries, and the concern from all of our friends towards the sustainable travel program are still at our heart for the coming year. Without your continuous support to create these amazing itineraries, the difference of being Last Frontiers is none the less achieved.

New travel ideas – new way of traveling – are already in work – following the same path as his father Mingma Dorji Sherpa, his son Nima Tashi Sherpa our third generation of Last Frontiers is among you now. We believe that we can do more with your support.

Last Frontiers – We are a small, innovative, enthusiastic, and personalized organization that is specialized in taking travelers for trek, tours, and expeditions in the Himalayan region. Prior to 1984 when the company was founded, the company’s founder Mr. Mingma Dorji Sherpa has been involved in the tourism field. The first ascent of Everest in 1953, by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay highlighted Nepal more into the Adventure Travel destination in the world. This was then father of Mr. Mingma Dorji Sherpa, first established a travel company before 1984.

We have ever since grown in the travel field for more than 30 years. We’re based in Kathmandu, but also operate extension trips in Bhutan, Tibet and Sikkim too. Last Frontiers have team of people who are devoted and dedicated in this travel field for more than 15 years. Our leader, guides, cooks and porters work as a well-balanced team. We recognize them as the pillars of the company.

We have dedicated staff that is totally committed to service and whose friendly, caring and professional attitude will win you over. The incredibly high number of clients who return again to travel with us is an indicator of our performance. Word-of-mouth recommendation and not lavish advertising, has resulted in our considerable growth over the years.

Quality and value, the best measures of satisfaction, is our motto and we strive to give this to our clients. Since the beginning, our mission has been to develop itineraries that provide the optimum blend of professional, educational, and recreational experiences according to the goals and desires of each Individual or group.

All destinations we offer have been extensively researched and personally visited, ensuring first-hand knowledge of the accommodation and locations on offer, whether it is the ideal camp spot in a remote Nepal, the perfect lodge for one-horned rhino safari, the best dinner venue, unique herbal spa, the most knowledgeable guide, finding award winning local artists, collectors and antique dealers, creative ideas for celebrating special occasions on short notice…