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Karma Eco Adventure is a leading travel company in Nepal dedicated to help travelers in the country with personally crafted tours and treks. With combined experience of over 10 years, we engage travelers personally to know their requirements in order to make their holidays a reflection of their choice. Our passion for tourism and our experience in combined, we make sure every holiday we design for our client is hassle free and enjoyable.

The founders of Karma Eco Adventure are from Baruwa, a remote village nestled on the laps of Panchpokhari and Dorji lakpa Himalaya. Coming from Tamang community, a special tribe settled in the Himalayas of Nepal, we have been around tourist from a very young age. Growing up in a village with primary school, there wasn’t even first aid hospitals, proper sanitation, drinking water and occupation to manage household expenses, we decided to give back to the community we grew up in by helping it through the means of tourism.

Furthermore, we are socially and ecologically aware and contributing travel agents. Having said the story, not just in our village in Baruwa but we as well believe in empowering local communities all over the country. An empowered community always offers a better travel experience for local and international tourists. To add up, the trails, communities and the mountains have been polluted with the influx of travelers in the country. In order to stop the trails and communities from further deteriorating we not only aware the trekkers but also the communities and people about benefits of keeping the ambiance clean and attractive. Time and again, we as well carry out trail and village cleaning campaigns with the help of local, national and international volunteers.