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Indra Homestay is Kathmandu based Eco-Tour Company for offering best homestay in Nepal for visiting Villages in Nepal. We provide homestay tours in Nepal and all kinds homestay programs in Nepal. Indra Homestay brings you the best homestay tour packages in Nepal and all our Home stay destinations are exclusive and unexplored, so we hope that travelling with Indra Homestay will be another once in a life time journey for you to remember from your Nepal trip!

One of the best ways to experience Nepal and the true Nepalese culture is through homestays. Welcoming guests with open arms into their homes, you will certainly feel not only accepted, but appreciated as well. You can find homestays all throughout Nepal, but if you want to get in tune with nature and get out of the busy cities, Eastern Nepal is the place to go. From diverse cultures of the Limbu people to just regular every day Nepalese folks, you will be sure to gain quite a cultural experience while staying in one’s home.