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We are a bunch of local men who grew up in the the lap of magnificent Himalayas and have surrendered to the spirit of these spiritual mountains. These mountains took good care of us, especially the adventure and nurturing aspects of our human spirit, throughout our life since generations immemorial.

It seemed only natural for us to extend the adventurous experience of trekking in Himalayas to the world. We want everyone of you to experience these mountains from your own and from our eyes in the most humane way that won’t hurt these mountains. We personally explored the Himalayan trails way back before we tailored each Himalayan trek itinerary for you.

Every trek starts from the basecamp where we meet the entire team and the briefing is conducted by the trek masters about how the next few days of the trek would look like. Since we don’t believe in one standard works for all at such high altitude, we give personalized attention to each one of our team members in every trek. Every person is unique in their capabilities and one prescription do not work for all.