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Hiking Adventure Trekking Pvt Ltd is a well-known name in the Nepalese Travel and Tourism Industry along with its expertise in mountaineering sector in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Together, we cater unforgettable mountaineering, trekking, hiking, rafting, and other exhilarating experiences for our valuable clients.

We have been successfully conducting adventure treks, mountain expeditions and tours in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet . We often serve repetitive/happy customers, who come back with their new friends and family members to relive the joys.

We are a young and energetic team working at office and on the ground, our vision aims to create positive experience for the eager travelers. Management is co-led by two passionate individuals, who have earned their expertise throughout years of experience in travel industry. We are clear in our business model to providing best travel service to our customers.

Our founders paved a trail of improvement for communities where we work. We employ and educate people in the communities where we work. And in turn their culture, simple life and hospitality captivate us. Our Social Responsibility focuses on uplifting their living standards through job creation, community uplifting projects, sponsorships and other meaningful involvements. We adhere by strong business ethos. We provide each client with adequate information, assistance and guidance before, throughout, and even after the completion of their journey.

We understand the excitement Himalayas brings to people. We focus to keep each trip relevant and engaging. We follow a humane approach to business. With an energetic, motivated and professional staff, we design sustainable and environment-friendly itineraries. We cut off carbon where unnecessary and invest our share for environment conservation and waste management around the communities.

We are passionate about Nepal and its beauty, and want to keep it that way for generations to come and enjoy. We often travel to learn. We understand each person has a unique personal expectation from the trip. To help with that, we ask a lot of questions to our clients which helps us recommend the best options for them. We spend considerable time to understand your needs and expectations.

Our trips are flexible and itineraries are continuously modified to fit the needs, requirements and emerging travel trends. This helps us to serve you with a life-changing experience.

Welcome to the land of mountains and captivating culture.