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About Us
At High Camp Adventure, our main aim is to give all who travel with us a memorable and rewarding experience, and to share our knowledge of Nepal’s natural and cultural heritage. As such, we will provide you a chance not only to see the Himalaya, but also to experience Nepali culture, history and religion up close. We are sure the great gulps of the clean, fresh Himalayan air will invigorate you, and we look forward to sharing our beautiful country with you.

We offer a variety of services to make your trip to Nepal and beyond exciting and memorable. We specialize in adventure activities in the Nepal Himalaya, as well as Tibet, Bhutan, and India, and have an array of highly experienced guides (fluent in English, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi & French) who have been leading people through the Himalaya for over a decade. So, whether you are interested in trekking, climbing, expeditions, bungy jumping, river rafting, jungle safaris, or prefer sightseeing and cultural / historical tours, we can help you plan the perfect holiday. In order to make your stay hassle free, we are also able to assist with accommodation and transportation reservations.

If you choose trekking or climbing, we can provide you with support (professional guides, sherpas, cooks, porters) and any necessary clothing, climbing gear, or equipment. We can also assure you that your guide and other support members (if any) will be equipped for the various climates you will experience, ensuring everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

We feel our guests are like members of our family, and this is reflected in our hard work, diligence and attentiveness to our clients. It is our great pleasure to provide you with whatever you need to make your holiday an enjoyable one, and our professional team is capable of bringing your dream to reality whether you are a professional climber or beginner seeking new challenges.

Why Travel With Us?
High Camp Adventure is proud of a long record for client satisfaction. We have earned a reputation for quality–established over the years with a friendly and courteous staff of specialists and excellent services along with comfortable facilities and fine dining. Many years of experience and skills are available for your upcoming exploration through Nepal’s enchanting lands.

We maintain the highest safety and quality trainings and standards and our guides and specialists are selected for experience and leadership ability and prepared for dealing with challenges and even emergencies in remote areas. Our experienced crew of professionals will ensure that the travels are safe and satisfying. All staffs receive insurance, appropriate apparel and equipment, and a pay rate above industry standard.

We will have your interests, safety, comfort and satisfaction at heart as top priorities as we take care of you on your journey of a lifetime!

High Camp Adventure offer a wide variety of different treks to suit both first-time and experienced trekkers, whether you have only a few days or months to spend in the Himalaya, we can customize an itinerary available for you or join one of our fixed departure tours. We offer many options from newly opened routes to classic trails depending on desired style and destination.

Other activities popular in Nepal beyond trekking include rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, paragliding, visiting cultural sites and wildlife areas and much more. For people with a religious interest, Nepal has a rich blend of Buddhism and Hinduism and is famous internationally as the birthplace of Buddha. With something to offer everyone, we invite you to share in our years of expertise.