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Since 2011 we help people from around the world during their stay in Nepal through various projects, such as teaching at schools, sports with children or with insights into the original agriculture. We link those projects with well-known attractions like hiking programs, day trips, cultural experiences and sporting activities such as rafting and paragliding.

We offer the traveler the opportunity to meet Nepal’s origins and traditions and the Nepalese culture, but also bring their own knowledge to support the development of Nepal.

We, as GAPNepal, commit to connect people and to create unique experiences for locals and travelers. It is important for us to advance the sustainable development of Nepal and especially to allow the rural population to profit from the revenue of tourism. We have the opportunity offering children as well as adults education to grow and to develop their potential step by step to counteract unemployment on the countryside.

We firmly believe that a development can only take place when people learn from each other, get a chance to work and thus establish their independence.

In the long term, we want to ensure that many Nepali benefit of tourism and not only parts of the country are able to develop through tourism. We ensure that the Nepalese culture is lived and prefer a sustainable and inclusive development, where tradition, knowledge and progress take place.

We also support other sustainable guiding principles in tourism. We always offer our customers the most sustainable alternative for their stay in Nepal. We support and choose hotels and transfer companies that include environmentally and socially sustainable business principles. For example, eco hotels and transfer companies that use green transport possibilities. We want to contribute to work, exemplary in the traditional tourism and protect the environment and the people of Nepal and promote sustainable tourism.

In addition to our offer for locals and travelers, we are committed to a meaningful way of working in our own business. We want to use all available opportunities and beyond to work more sustainable.

With GAPNepal we want to work in an exemplary manner in our environment and be a part of a responsible long-term growing economy.

We live in the deep conviction that our philosophy supports Nepal holistically in its development and protects the people and their environment everlasting.

To make our philosophy tangible, we have set up rules which help us for our development and are regularly revised and updated.