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At Easy Treks and Expedition, our mission is to customize the experience of beautiful Nepal for each and every traveler. From trekking in the majestic mountains to exploring local culture, when you’re in Nepal, you’ll feel right at home with Easy Treks and Expedition. The goal at Easy Treks and Expedition is to make it quick and easy for travelers and plan and experience adventure travel and active vacations by providing high quality, informative information . Easy Treks and Expedition is dedicated to promoting adventure and active travel, and the companies providing these servicesThere can be few more incredible travel experiences than trekking in Nepal. Of course, many treks in the region include the world’s tallest mountain; Mount Everest. To relax and get the most from this momentous location, be sure to choose a tour guide that you can really trust, who will inspire you and ensure that you get the most out of your trip. Easy Treks & Expedition gives you exactly this; we strive to provide a personal experience for each and every visitor and know the region inside and out.

The wonderful thing about Easy Treks & Expedition is that the guides are locals so you have a chance to learn so much about the native culture and to see the sights from a local point of view. Your safety is of paramount importance to them and their eye for detail means that nothing is left to chance and also means that you don’t miss a thing! They go above and beyond by helping to ensure that you are fully prepared for your trek, being there for you with patience and support every step of the way and often even stay in touch afterwards!