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Looking for the adventure of your lifetime in the luscious natural retreat to the nation on the lap of proudly standing the Himalayas? Corporate Adventure Treks Pvt. Ltd. provides you the best deals with the options to choose rather personalized trips to budget-friendly packaged tours in various destinations all around the country. Our agency provides services of trekking, hiking, expedition, peak climbing as well as tours around the cities, and many more.

Customer service that most people dread will be a breeze as we are always ready to help you at any point of inconvenience. Already three years in operation, we strive to give priority to sustainable traveling movement which doesn’t only focus on just traveling but traveling with a purpose of conserving nature all the while enjoying its everlasting beauty. We want the world to know Nepal’s undeniable reserve of fresh gateways that can heal a tired soul and rejuvenate the essence of being alive through the means of traveling. Therefore, we will always offer the finest options in your safe and jubilant journeys!

We welcome you to Nepal and ensure the time you have with us will be the one etched into your memories!