Renting a motorcycle in Kathmandu is easy to do and a great way to make day-trips to places like Bhaktapur, Patan, Nagarkot and vantage points around Kathmandu Valley. 

Royal Enfield en route from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

Royal Enfield en route from Kathmandu to Pokhara. 180 km. / 6 hours.

Cost per day

Depending on the bike and size of the engine, prices vary from Rs. 600-2500 ($6-25) per day. The most common bikes you’ll find are Pulsars (180/220 cc) and Royal Enfields (350 cc). If you rent the bike by week or by month, discounts are available.

  • 110-125 cc (scooter) = Rs. 600 ($6)
  • 150 cc (pulsar) = Rs. 700 ($7)
  • 180 cc (pulsar) = Rs. 800 ($8)
  • 220 cc (pulsar) = Rs. 1000 ($10)
  • 350 cc (Enfield) = Rs. 2500 ($25)

What to look for

Rentals tend to be a little run-down so it’s worth looking around at the different shops for the bikes in the best condition. Look for bikes that are well-maintained and cared for by the owners, and take the motorcycle for a test drive before you rent it. See how it starts, how the engine sounds and how it shifts gears. Also check that all the lights are working, that the horn works (this will come in handy), and if there’s any previous damage to the bike.

You need to provide

  • Passport with Nepalese visa (or) $2000 cash deposit
  • Driver’s license from your home country will do, but an International Driver’s License is better.

Insurance coverage

Motorcycle rental companies don’t provide any kind of insurance. If you get in an accident, no matter who’s at fault, you’re responsible for paying (or collecting) the cost of damage.

Gas / petrol

There are petrol stations all around Kathmandu valley and along any main highway. The current price of petrol is Rs. 130 ($1.30) per litre.

Motorcycle Rental Shops

  • There’s a shop in Thahity Chowk with motorcycles in good condition. (8:30am – 7:30pm) 98-51-023-1671.
  • BS Motor Bike – Tours, Rentals, Repairs, opposite Kumari Hotel in Thamel. 4410751.
  • Pheasant Transportation Service – near Thamel Chowk, down an alley near Cozy Guest House. 4701090.
  • There are other motorcycle rental shops in Thamel, just ask around…

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  1. i would say it extremely dangerous.. drivers tend to drive very fast. The road laws are completely different than in your country. I have been to Nepal a couple of times and have witnessed two motorcycle accidents. at different times.. one is a young woman who died and the other had a broken leg! Goodluck !

  2. Moderator

    Hi Helene,

    I’m sorry to hear of the motorcycle accidents you witnessed. Undoubtedly, the roads are more dangerous in places like Nepal and India, and one must be constantly aware of their surroundings and expect the unexpected.

    Still, I found having a motorcycle or even a bicycle to be very liberating and gave me a freedom to explore places I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or visited. It’s one of the ways I get off the tourist path, especially if I’m too lazy to walk. It’s a personal choice for sure, and one with risks. But so goes the path of a traveller.


    • don’r include INDIA, how many years before you visited to INDIA and which place .. there are very Good roads now.

  3. Kumari Hotel has changed its name already and also you should up date the price for renting bikes except the daily rate for Enfield.


  4. Kyle Robertson

    Any idea how much a Honda XR250 is per day? I am looking to rent for around 3 weeks at the beginning of june.

    I have been quoted 45USD a day by a couple of companies. This seems to be very expensive to me.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.


    • Hello Kyle,

      Can you please let me know the name/contact of the companies who are offering the XR250 for 45USD a day?

      Thanks in advance!

  5. Moderator

    Hi Ky,

    I’m not sure of the price for this bike and I’m not in Nepal in the moment so it’s hard to check, but that does seem very expensive.

    Did you try emailing BS Motorbike listed above? If you have a few extra days in KTM to look around, I’m sure you could find a better rate on the ground there. Downside then is that you’ll be taking your chances if one is available when you need it…


  6. Greg

    Thanks for the useful summary. I am arriving in Kathmandu in a few days and looking at options to get to Pokhara. Thinking of getting a motorcycle, but also want to get a one way flight for a view of the mountains. Any idea if anyone provides 1 way rentals in either direction? Obviously there will be a cost incolced, which is fine if it is reasonable.


  7. Moderator

    Hi Greg,

    I would imagine the rental agencies in Kathmandu mentioned above would all offer one-way options for a price. They would probably send a friend or worker via bus to Pokhara to pick up the bike and drive it back for them.

    I drove with an enfield form KTM to Pokhara last fall and would recommend it despite the heavy traffic and pollution for the first couple hours. Once you start heading west to Pokhara the road gets much quieter and really pretty. Definitely stop in Bandipur on your way.

    If you’re looking for a flight with mountain views, maybe look into the flight from Pokhara to Jomson although then you’d be stuck in Jomson or spend a night then fly back….


    • Thanks Alex,

      We decided to fly both ways instead, mainly due to limited time in Nepal. Incidentally, I was quote 4,500 rupees for one way (collection in pokhara), which seemed reasonable.


    • Sounds like a good decisions. Thanks for sharing the quote you received. If all else fails, you could always find a bike in Pokhara to cruise around in.

    • “Anonyme” od Jakubů z Nejedlova, vy o huÃvt¡tslví zrovna máte co říkat. Vůbec byste mohl pÅ™estat jako vždy poučovat, když máte takové máslo na hlavÄ› a hlavnÄ› nedostatek charakteru, abyste pÅ™iznal, že jste stále jednou a toutéž osobou, která se vždy zde ztrapní, ale pak naprosto totéž píše pod jiným jménem.

  8. Joris Vanlommel

    Hi Alex,

    I was just wondering; I have a driver’s license (Belgian) for a car but not specific for a bike (although I can ride one). Do they make a point out of it that it needs to be a driver’s license specific for a bike? Off course when I rent a scooter – I can drive that one in Belgium with my current driver’s license as well.

    We want travel freedom around Kathmandu so we can do more in less time – therefore we are looking to rent a motorcycle for a couple of days.

    I hope a normal driver’s license is sufficient.


    • Hi Joris,

      I don’t have a motorcycle license either as I haven’t got around to it yet. Countries like ours (Canada in my case) may require one but Nepal does not, nor do they ask to see proof of a motorcycle license when renting a bike. Your normal driver’s license will work just fine!


  9. Diep


    Can I rent a motorcycle for the ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara? And as I would love to take a flight back from Pokhara to Kathmandu, is there any possible way that I do not have to return to motorcycle in Kathmandu, but in Pokhara?

    Thank you very much 🙂


    • Hi @Diep,

      Check the response I gave to Greg above, but I think it’s possible although I don’t know for sure. I would inquire with a couples of the rental shops listed in the article. it’s a good idea, though, as it’s a long drive. Let us know if you figure it out!


    • Thank you, Alex :). I,’m trying to figure out with some agencies there. Surely will update your guys here.



    • Wow! I feel like Bonnie-like I just received a posartcd from you. What an amazing opportunity. I know that you are going to have some great posts upon your return. I look forward to them.

  10. Reutger

    I’m in pokhara. I checked several places with 125cc scooters for rent. Seems to be illegal or something because none of them have any signs, and the place I eventually rented from warned me not to tell the police I rented if I get stopped. They ask you if you want to rent a scooter in a hushed voice like someone selling hash. First place wanted an outrageous 900 rupees for their old busted 125cc scooter. I tried to get it for 400 then 500 hundred but they refused, and let me walk away. Second place wanted 800 for their newer 125 cc. Third place agreed to rent to me for 550 per day after extensive bargaining, also 125cc. She probably would have gone to 400 if I really wanted to negotiate hard, but I just took it for 550 to keep things amicable. She then charged me 675 for five liters of petrol. She kept my passport as a deposit. Hope this info will help somebody

  11. Subodh

    Can i hire bicycle for cycling to chitwan from kathmandu ??
    if i can how much does it charged as per day ?

  12. Shan

    if i rent a bike to ride from kathmandu to darjeeling(india), will they collect the bike from darjeeling?

  13. Reutger

    None of the people I spoke to could arrange that, but I’m sure it can be done. Speak to the bigger companies, probably only they would be able to arrange something that big.

  14. Santosh rayamajhi

    I need rent bike bajaj ns pulsar or Yamaha fzs v2 like on test for 2 month

  15. Saroj Bhandari

    I am looking to rent a bike for 3 month period time during my stay in Nepal. I have no idea what would be considered a good price for 3 month rental with a average bike. Please help.
    Thank you

  16. Bikesh

    Hi how much per day for nepali with nepali license thanks

  17. kamal bhandari

    I want R 15 bike how much per day

  18. Siddharth Ayer

    hi I need a scuty in rent for 1 day… plz help me..

    • Ces masions sont surement diesnedieusps mais toufois sans âme ni chaleur. Ces décors nous jetent de la poudre aux yeux sans toufois nous émouvoir. J'ai vu des décors majestueux qui nous faisaient vibrer et qui nous invitaient à rester , mais ceux -ci me laisse froide.

  19. Ricardo

    Hi Alex,
    I need a Royal Enfield to go to the Himalayas. Do you now the best route to go? Starting in Kathmandu? I’ve already done it in Índia (Himalayas), from Manali.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Il fallait peut-être y penser avant… C’est bien la preuve que tant que personne ne fait d’effort, il est bon de se remplir les poches.Enfin, c’est une bonne chose en soi. La « vrai » concurrence fait bouger les choses.Pour rappel, les 3 opérateurs &l&uro; histouiqqesanbsp;» sont épinglés régulièrement pour entente sur les tarifs.(voir UFC que choisir, etc)

  20. Roshan kumar singh

    What is the price for neplease ??

  21. Aarav

    I would like a bike

  22. saurav thapa

    i want ktm duke 200 for 5 days to go daman what is ur amount

  23. Ellie

    Hi, are there “motorcycle taxis” we can get to send us to Pokhara or Dhunche? If yes, where can we hire a motorbike with driver? In Indonesia, it is called Ojek while in Philippines, it is called “Halbal-Habal”.

    • It’s called Tootle in Kathmandu but only from 8am to 8pm & not outta town

  24. Roshan shrestha

    I need 220 for 1 month how much

  25. Anthony

    Hoping you would have some suggestions or information regarding tour operator (not only tour agent) which run a Royal Enfield Himalaya Tour package.
    email and/ or their whats app number. thnk you somuch

  26. Siddhant

    I want ktm duke for about 4-5 days what ks your price

    • I hired KTM duke for 7days, it will cost around 23k for me. I used to hire from BS motorbike, but they give old and damage bikes, very bad experience with them.

      Check ‘City Motorbike, thamel’, they are new company but experience in Motorbike repairing and also good review in tripadvisor.

      Hope it helps. cheers

  27. Dan

    Hiya! How’s it going? Thanks for the great advice! Me & my girlfriend are currently travelling through India and working our way up to Nepal. My question is if we hired just a 125cc scooter (because of price & lack of practice with gears) would be be able to venture out of Kathmandu for a few days? The speed wouldn’t be an issue for us but would we make it up the hills & are they allowed on the main roads? Thanks for your help, dan

  28. Kishor

    I like to book KTM Duke Bike for a 40 days from 13-Oct-2017.
    Please let me know the price with discount rate as you mentioned booking is more then 30 days there will be good discount.

    I found many Bike rentel but you are the chepest one.
    If you don’t have KTM Duke please let me know the price for 220cc Pulsar.

  29. Anil lama

    i need a 220 pulsar bike for 4 days i want get detail process please give information about that….

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    hi I need a pulsar 150 in rent forDashain… plz help me..


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    i want a scotter can i have one

  34. Aman Ray

    For nepali
    What is necessary to hire a bike

  35. Bhushan Shrestha

    I want to hire Pulsar 220 for 1 week do i get any discount for that or not…

  36. sulav

    i need a royal enfield for a day coming saturday .can u reserve for me

  37. Martin

    Hi. How far would i get with a driver lincens and a 50cc moped licens? Would i be able to rent anything else then a 50cc?

  38. Rafik Maharjan

    In this site, you have kept 11 digit phone number..
    So, what is the correct number..
    We need it very soon..
    Please reply soon..
    Thank You!!!

  39. Amresh

    Plsss give ur numb sirr

  40. Bikram

    Hlo sir company pan darta passport document MA 4 day I’m going dharan vadau 7 -10 chaiyo 220 fresh call me plz 9813374733

  41. Bob

    Hi @alex i was wondering if any of you guys have a tip about the traffic police around kathmandu, do they target tourists for bribes and stuff or they’re chilled ?

    • no bob they don’t target tourists for bribes and stuff, but if they find you breaking laws the might catch you but you will have a higher chances of letting you go if the offence is not very serious as compared to locals.

  42. Kabita khakurel

    I want pulser 180cc …per day price how much??? For 3 days KTM to please…

  43. Dilip

    I wanted to hire a CF MOTO 250NK did that bike is available with you

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    I need 150cc pulsar motorbike for 2 days

  45. Prakash poudel

    Sir, I need 150cc pulsar motorbike for 2 days

  46. anjana timalsina

    Im looking for a scooter for 2 days… can u provide me???

  47. Pema

    I am hiring my bike for rent actually my husband used to drive our bike but every year he used to come here at nepal only for six month we purchased it last year ..
    If any one interested it available 1 December to 1 March

    Contact me

  48. Dipesh lama

    Sir I need 150cc for 3 days….

  49. Nirmala

    will the price be different if I rent it only for half day?

  50. Paras Bhandari

    I am a Nepalese citizen and tomorrow I need dio scooter….could you provide me your contact number so that i can call you for details or you can call me at 9803128879

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    I want 220″palar bike in one month i am from nepal plz update what you need from may site

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    Please reply and how much the cost for 1 month?

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    Please call me at this number 9818895902. I need to hire bike. I need more information.

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    • 9823505464
      Nepal Motorbike Tour

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